Presenting counts too

September 22, 2009

So before the rest of the peoples presented their ideas, Aram went over the rest of the assignments and the final presentation is important too. He mentioned that so far no one in the class got over a B for that category in the pitches, so that leads me to assume that everyone’s needs to be ramped up.

If I get the gumption, or think about it, it’d be neat  to take a shot from some part of working on the arch and making it a template for the presentation. Or making concept arts and doing the same thing. I guess I should do that for the final pitch as well. I don’t hate presenting as much as I used to, but I’m not that great at it I think either. 

Was going to research yesterday but the net was down in O-house and I was lazy. Was lazy over the weekend too. I was a lazy S.o.B. (no offense, mom)

Need to start getting research and all, I want to have plenty of time to render and texture and make a superb presentation.  Aka, be done with all modeling by week 7.


That’s a tall order… but I gotta do it!


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