Baby looks good!

November 16, 2009

I’ve been less than excited about my arch project lately. Sometimes less than others. But a few moments ago, in Aftereffects, I set the ambient occlusion layer to multiply over the full color and normal map render and it hit me: I thought it looked good.

Granted, I’m sure anybody could pick it apart if they liked, but I loved my project for all it’s loveliness and flaws finally. It’s mine, I did it and despite many things I’m pleased with the turnout. Will update with more posts in the next day or two, with pics and maybe some vids if I can get some mojo going on!


The end of the end?

November 16, 2009

So, how’s my finals goig? Let’s see…

Updated blog like I should? Hell no.  Done rendering? Nu-uh. Hi-res stills? Negative. So, you might think that I’m hopeless. I disagree! Sorta… I have hope anyway.

Here’s a shot from the final pass render, minus ambient occlusion!