The idea is choosen!!!

September 17, 2009

So, I presented my work to the class and my pitches. In the end, everyone seemed to agree that the Roman arch would be the best. It has a good chance for tight detail and isn’t so texture intensive, which is good because texturing is my weak point.

Hopefully I’ll figure out uploading pics to this monstrosity soon and will be able to upload what I showed the class.

I’m actually kind of excited about this, who knew 😛


So, began the task of tracking down past work to be put in a little slideshow for class tomorrow…. and it turned into a huge hassle that’s still not over!!!

I’ve been rather lax in my file management the last couple of years and so I’ve lost some things I thought I knew where they were. Hopefully I can slavage it and find what I need, or my slideshow is going to be even worse than it already is. Or rather, I won’t have the 5 required images anyway.

Also, probably going to change ideas a little for the project. Still considering steampunk stuff and a castle, but changing the dragon urn to a Roman type arch. I think it fits better with the task of making a hard-surface model anyway.

Back to the grindstone, need to keep rifling through harddrives and dvds!

So the first part of the assignment is to put together a body of work and come up with three pitches for next class.  My body of work isn’t really where it should be, but that’s the point of this class- to make more. So I have a decent idea of what will go into it, but the tricky part is coming up with 3 pitches. I want to do charater design but–

–Professor Cookson pointed out that getting a job right off as a character modeler is zilch to nil, unless your ungodly. I ain’t so I plan to do more of an environmental element so that I can focus on making it detailed and making it truly portfolio worthy.

Idea 1: Dragon Urn- So, it would be interesting to try to do something detailed like some of the asian urns, which have mad detail and interesting looks to them.

Idea 2: Steampunk gizmo- Perhaps a piece of jewelry or an element like a wall clock, or part of a door. Just something that has that steam-punk style to it, with gears and other doo-dads.

Idea 3: Big Ol’ Building! -Generate a building that has character, detail and interest. Like a castle! or a sky…scraper?


We’ll see what everyone has to say about these things, hopefully I get good feedback and great inspirations for this quarter.